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Quality Exotics with Outstanding Dispositions!

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  Dawnna's Glider Diet

This Diet will ensure your Glider's ability to Bloom to his Full [Genetically Predetermined] Potential.

Gliders do not have to stink & have sticky droppings!

  D's Glider Diet

Dry Ingredients:

Oat Flakes, Bee Pollen, Wheat Grass, Oregano, Peppermint, Oat Powder, Wheat Powder, Soy Powder, Acidophilus, Digestive Enzymes




Proprietary Blend

Purchase includes 

*all the above*


$12 per Batch

Purchase the below items from a Local Store:


Purina One Healthy Kitten Formula 40% protein


 1/2 Cup

Wet Ingredients:



1/3 c.

Apple Juice

1 c.

Soy Milk



Pureed Fruit


Pureed Veggies

1/2 c.

*NOTE* To save your blender, sprinkle protein over filled dishes at the end.

Step 1. Blend ingredients together.
This will make 60 - 80 servings. Personally I use Cantaloupe, Peas, & Carrots for my produce.

Step 2. Pre-load food dishes/ Ice cube tray & Cover
with ½-¾ TBS. per Glider (1 heaping Tbs. per pair + 1tsp protien per pair)

Step 3. Serve
Serve in the evening, or place frozen in cage in the morning to be eaten that night.

Glider Shit happens ~ Don't make it more unpleasant than it has to be.

There have always been 2 major downfalls to Sugar Glider ownership that I've warned potential new owners about: “Gliders create unpleasant odor”, and “Their droppings are messy”. After several years of experience I've discovered that it does NOT have to be this way. This diet is by far the best that I've ever tried. My Gliders do not smell - I'd say that odor is 5% of what it once was with past diets. Also - No more sticky droppings. Cage cleaning is no longer the dread it used to be.
To sum it up:
*The food doesn't smell bad
*It doesn't perish as quickly (as others I've tried)
*It brings in a noticeably, thicker and more beautiful coat
*Joeys are larger & stronger & more resilient in earlier life stages
* Heavier muscle in neck, back, & hindquarters
*Everyone eats everything - nothing is left behind
*No more smelly Gliders
*No more smelly Cages
I have tried several of the popular diets because, as I purchased Gliders from different Breeders, I had to wean joeys from the diet that each Breeder previously used.
Going from there...
*I removed items containing Sugar, Preservatives, and anything excessively oily or smelly.

*I added items that are good for everyone: Herbs, "Whole Green Super Foods", Probiotic, Digestive Enzymes, Bee Pollen, Honey -(which some diets already include)

*I changed grainy ingredients to super-fine, easily digested, whole grains in powder form for optimal & maximum nutritional absorption - Higher Absorption = Less waste with less odor. This not only boosts the immune system, but Strengthens the entire body's defense against illness on a cellular level.
*Apple juice is a tasty, healthy vehicle for the 'powder'. (100% Natural, no preservatives, no added sugar or citric acid)
*Pureed Fresh Fruits & Veggies are more easily digested, and therefore less energy is required allowing the body more strength to rejuvenate & stay healthy.