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How I came up with Lifeline: The Whole Story…

On November 4th, 1999, I was in a near fatal car accident that left me severely & permanently damaged. My chest wall was torn, my lung punctured and became severely infected - I almost died.  MRI's/Tests also revelealed I had several spinal discs herniated, one ruptured disc, and hip dysplasia.  All this resulted in constant pain, irreparable skeletal damage, degenerative disk & joint disease, Fibromyalgia, and a destroyed immune system.   

When I was released from the hospital one month later, my veins were perforated & I was throwing up blood because my stomach was ulcerated due to being saturated with antibiotics. From there I made it my mission to search out something to help my body heal. This is a subject that I am extremely passionate about - A subject that I have studied & researched thoroughly for many years, And I continue to do so as there is always more to learn. Through the ingredients of Lifeline, I’ve been able to slow down degenerative disease and reduce pain & inflammation significantly. My body has become much more resistant to virus & bacterial infection, and I can eat without feeling like my stomach is being torn apart. 

 One year after my accident, My 3 Dogs got sick, so I turned to several Vets for help. I spent thousands of dollars which only resulted in over-medicating with antibiotics & other “poisons” that nearly killed my Dogs. Every time they went outside to eliminate, it looked as though someone had been murdered in my backyard. I endured 6 months of my Dogs being horribly ill with seizures, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and me having to scrub crates around the clock, (Just imagine - 3 Dogs, 3 crates, 5-8 times every day & every night for 6 months - not exaggerating). So I dropped the Vets and went on a quest for a cure through nutritional healing. My Dogs recovered almost immediately with the mix of Probiotic, Herbs, & Digestive Enzymes. 

Over the years, I’ve learned about more healing ingredients and remedies which make up My Lifeline today. My animals & I don’t go a day without Lifeline. My Chinchillas benefit greatly from this product, and I now have a Herd that rarely has health problems. Lifeline is not only a powerful cure, but an incredible preventative as well, and I believe in it with all my heart. I strongly recommend this for Everyone- particularly those who consume processed foods. The average stomach - let alone that of a compromised body in poor health - is not equipped to digest processed foods. Therefore Digestive Enzymes & Probiotic are key in breaking down unabsorbed food & bacteria in the intestines resulting in a healthy digestive system. As we are what we eat, a healthy digestive system means a Healthy Body.